House Rules &

House Rules

  1. Partying and loud noise is not tolerated. If you are caught breaking this rule you could face immediate removal without refund. 
  2. The occupancy limit noted on our listing is strictly enforced. If you are caught breaking this rule you could face immediate removal without refund. 
  3. This is a self-check-in property. You certify that you are prepared and able to follow instructions to access the property provided over Airbnb or email communication.
  4. We provide white towels and linens, and a black face cloth for makeup removal. Please do not intentionally stain our towels and linens. You will be charged $10 for each ruined item and $50 if it is a duvet or duvet cover.
  5. If you are found smoking cigarettes or marijuana in the unit (or any trace of smoking such as ashes, rolling papers, etc. being left behind), you will be charged $200 per day. 
  6. Check out time of 11AM is strictly enforced, if you do not check out on time (unless otherwise arranged), you will be charged $50 per hour.
  7. If you lose the unit keys or do not return them on time, you will be charged $50. 
  8. Footwear must be removed while you are in the unit. 
  9. If you decide not to follow any house rules and a future guest’s stay is impacted, you are responsible to cover any costs incurred by the host.

The full address of your home  60 Oceanview Dr Hubbards, NS B0J 1T0 (click this link to be directed to Google maps)

Access There is a smart lock at the front door of the home. We will provide you with your code prior to check in. Please keep this code handy for your arrival.

Wifi Network Name harbourmist

Wifi Password ocean2020

  • Given the remote location, the wifi can occasionally be slow, or stop working altogether; in this case, if you simply unplug the chord with the ribbon from the back of the router, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in, it usually fixes itself. If you don’t have immediate results, give it some time, pour a glass of wine, relax looking out over the ocean and allow yourself to unplug and unwind!!

Reach your host via your booking channel or email at

Closest hospital Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital at 14 High St, Lunenburg.

Emergency Services 911

Locking the patio doors Pull the door handles upwards on all patio doors to secure them in place, then turn the deadbolt to the left to lock the doors. Still need help? See this 45 second video.

Climate Use the Honeywell thermostats located on the main floor to the left of the television room, and the second floor to the right of the guest bathroom. The “System” button will allow you to switch between Heat, AC, or Auto. Once the property system is selected, you can set your desired temperature.

Our Environmental and Waste Policy Requires us to do our part in separating waste. We have three bins near the coffee maker & sink: one for compost/organics, one for recyclables, and one for garbage. Additional garbage bags and brown bags for the organics bin can be found in the cupboard by the sink. We encourage you to sort your waste using this guide. We will happily remove your waste at the end of your stay. Should you wish to remove your own, our garbage bins are located beside the outbuilding closest to the house. There is one black bin for compost/organics labeled “organics”, one blue bin for recyclables, and a second black bin for garbage.

Please be sure the compost bins and garbage cans are closed securely to keep the racoons out!

Main Level Fireplace This indoor fireplace has two screen options. Use the black knob in the basket to select a grate or glass. Ensure the flue is open using the small latch in the bottom left of the fireplace. If you require additional firewood, there is a stack on the right side of the outbuilding closest to the house and a wheelbarrow to transport it!

Main Level Bedroom Fireplace The propane fireplace in the guest room requires the switch on the wall by the bathroom to be turned on in order to work. Once on, use the black remote to set your preferences.

Second Level Outdoor Fireplace If there is a high wind, we ask that you do not have an outdoor fire on the upper balcony as sparks can easily fly around and it is an area close to the cedar shakes and reclaimed beams.

Firewood is provided and there is an ample amount of it by the garden shed. There is extra kindling in the shed, and an axe for chopping more. 

Water As we are on well water, please try to conserve water where you can – shorter dishwasher cycles, showers, etc. The water is filtered through a system which regenerates for a couple of hours around 2 AM. It’s important that the taps are not run, toilets flushed, etc during this time if at all possible. Although the tap water is safe to drink after being filtered, there is a Brita filter in the fridge with extra filters provided in the pantry.

Apple Orchard Lighting If the lights in the apple orchard fail to light up some evenings, there is a restart switch by the outdoor plugs that needs to be pressed to reset them.

The Beautiful Shoreline While down by the water, please stay off of black rocks as they are slippery, and keep young children away when the wave are restless, there’s a strong undertow. 

Stone Sink in Kitchen Although not currently in use, the stone sink in the kitchen provides a great place to store drinks on ice for a dinner party, but please be sure any liquid is removed afterwards – there is a squeegee and paper towel provided in the cupboard below.

During Your Stay There is a first aid kit, and some extra bandages, Tylenol, flashlights etc. in the phone cupboard beneath the stairs

Standard check in time 4 PM

Standard check out time 11 AM

We hope you enjoy your stay!